10.20 weekend fun
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18 years ago this would have been great.JPG
a1- so pretty.JPG
concentrating hard note the tongue.JPG
could she flare her nostrils anymore.JPG
doug likes this one I have no idea why.JPG
doug should stop making this face when sparky looks like that.JPG
good light and I am throwing out these breeches.JPG
ha I knew she could get those withers up.JPG
his hocks do work sort of.JPG
I believe this is an uphill canter.JPG
I really can hold his head down I swear.JPG
leads are for suckas.JPG
look I dont suck.JPG
look up mel his knees arent going to get any higher.JPG
maybe we need to get rid of the baby pad.JPG
mel you look like the terminator on horseback.JPG
pretty driveway shot.JPG
pretty trot.JPG
romeo could be one of those rescue horses who carries the disabled off mountains good training mel.JPG
Romeo is a saint for you.JPG
romeo was apparently racing something I could not see.JPG
she wants to be someones childrens hunter.JPG
still a tad downhill.JPG
stretching feels good.JPG
the absense of a jump makes this quite amusing.JPG
the temptation to tilt this if photoshop so the poor thing is even is very strong.JPG
trotting is hard work Ill take a nap now.JPG
well I know I wont get shot mel you might be safe just because I am near you.JPG
your ring looks so pretty.JPG

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