08.01.19 ponies
(35 photos)
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baby bali frame.JPG
doin better.JPG
eve done lost her mind.JPG
eve is back.JPG
ever wonder how these things end.JPG
good save.JPG
i wish I did not always look ready for teh special olympics.JPG
i wish i knew what denny fixed.JPG
if only she had the stride.JPG
is mel singing.JPG
Jules has got the poles covered.JPG
jules neck is getting better.JPG
maybe romeo will get into a flat class this year.JPG
more bali.JPG
now she gots it.JPG
on the forehand but note the neck.JPG
over teh poles but very unsure about this business.JPG
poles are too easy for romeo.JPG
pose much.JPG
ranger and i make the same face.JPG
sexy man.JPG
slurp slurp.JPG
success over poles.JPG
that neck is improving.JPG
the one bug eye look is nice.JPG
this might be one for mel the pro series.JPG
thoughtful eve.JPG
verra nice.JPG
very serious.JPG

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