Welcome to the Musyk Tracker FAQ.

Here you will find answers to common questions about Musyk Tracker. If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

General Questions

Q:    What is Musyk Tracker for- what can it do for me ?
A:    Musyk Tracker is a free service that helps you keep track of your music collection. Once you've created an account, you add albums to your collection online. Then, from any computer worldwide you can catch a glimpse of all the albums in your collection. You can also make notes on different albums, and find other people who listen to the same type of music as you.

Q:    Is there a sample collection I can view ?
A:    A sample collection is viewable here.

Q:    Do I upload music to Musyk Tracker ?
A:    No. Musyk Tracker is designed to keep track of what music you have, not actually store it for you. There is no way to upload music to our service.

Q:    I'd like an account but I don't want others to be able to view my collection. Is this possible?
A:    Certainly. When logged in, in the Account Options area you can set whether or not your collection is publically viewable. You can change this option at any time.

Q:    What do I do if I want to delete my Musyk Tracker account?
A:    Since the Musyk Tracker service is free, there's really no reason to delete your account even if you're not using it. At this time, there is no automatic option to close your account. If you would like to, simply contact us with your username and registered email address and we will be happy to remove your account.

Creating an Account

Q:    Does it cost anything to list my music on Musyk Tracker ?
A:    No! Creating an account is completely free.

Q:    What information do I need to give to create an account ?
A:    To create an account, you must select a username and password. You must also provide a valid email address, as well as the city, state, and country you are located. That's it!

Q:    Why do you want my location ?
A:    We display location with your collection if you choose to make it publically viewable.

Q:    I created an account, but I still can't login!
A:    When new accounts are created, a confirmation email is sent to the account's email address. To activate the account, you must click on the link in that confirmation email. Once this step is completed, your account will be fully functional.

Q:    I never received a confirmation email! What do I do ?
A:    If you'd like to resend the confirmation email, you can do so here. Some email providers block email from certain senders. To ensure that you receive emails from Musyk Tracker, add musyktracker@irealm.org is in your address book or spam safelist. If you are still having problems receiving your confirmation email, contact us with your username and we can manually activate your account.

Mobile Phone Functionality

Q:    What can I do with my Musyk Tracker account from my mobile phone ?
A:    Musyk Tracker's mobile phone interaction is meant to help you interact with your account while you're not in front of a computer. In a CD store and not sure if you have a band's first album? No problem. You can search for albums in your wishlist or collection by title or artist from your cell phone. See a CD you want to add to your wishlist but might not remember? You can send a note right from your phone that'll show up on your account next time you login.

Q:    Sounds cool! How to I start ?
A:    On the Account Options area when logged in, there is an item called Mobile Phone Functionality. Simply modify those settings, and there's step by step instructions on how to pair your mobile phone with your Musyk Tracker account.

Q:    What do I send via text message to get info back from Musyk Tracker ?
A:    There is a simple set of one or two letter commands you use to interact with Musyk Tracker. There is a full guide to interaction at your disposal when logged into your account.

Q:    Does it cost anything to text message Musyk Tracker ?
A:    Musyk Tracker is completely free, including mobile phone interaction. However, depending on your mobile phone provider and service plan, you may be charged by your provider. Not sure? Contact your provider and find out for your current situation how sending a text message to an email address affects your billing.

Q:    What do I need to change what phone my account is paired with ?
A:    It's easy to unpair your current phone from your account. Simply login to your account, go to the Account Options area, and view your Mobile Phone Options. You can unpair your phone from there.


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